Saturday, December 27, 2014

Going Organic with Makeup?? Say WHAT???

So since starting my oily journey, I've wanted to start changing a lot in my life as far as what I put in and on my body. It is a slow and steady process. (I am wishing it was going a little faster, but it is what it is.)

Young Living has a FABULOUS skin care line that I have recently had the opportunity to try out with a little education behind it. There is so much more I want to know about this skin care, but I feel like I got my feet good and wet with this mini beauty school class. I'm so grateful for a fabulous leadership that takes time to teach and educate- one of the most important aspects when choosing who to sign up under with this company. It is vital to have the education you need when using oils. So ask questions...get answers!

This skin care feel FABULOUS

I was able to use this and could NOT quit touching my face and being amazed at how smooth it was after using it ONCE. I knew that this was going to be an investment in my skin that I would be implementing. I also know that Young Living Oils help detoxify, and support my body to be the best that it can be. In saying that, I know that the makeup I was currently using has TERRIBLE additives and things that don't belong on my skin. (Your skin after all is your largest organ- what you put on your skin gets absorbed and affects what is going on in the inside) So I knew it would be a battle each time I used this natural skin care, then turned right around and plastered chemicals on my face. So what's a girl to do? Look into some more natural/organic choices- that's what!!! 

I have always used a liquid foundation, other than using a mineral based powder for a bit. I'm not personally one that uses "full coverage" foundation. I'm more of a natural look, that usually tends to end up being washed out look, because it doesn't stay on my face well. (the struggle is real people)

In my Young Living leadership is a fabulous lady that I truly admire and trust as I'm on this learning curve of going more natural with every aspect of my life. She suggested W3LL PEOPLE. I looked around and seeing that they were running a special, and had a great kit offer on sale- I figured it was a great time to try it. I have quite a fair complexion and so I went with this particular choice. Fair Pink looks to be the lightest available in the foundations, and it was a bonus to get a brush for application as well as a bronzer. (Although- that will be a learning curve for me- I haven't really used that in the past.) 

I also wanted to try a mascara, so that I could add a drop of Young Living Lavender to it, and not worry about it breaking down the mascara due to the ingredients in it. So I put this little bad boy in my cart. 

Next on my list was some eye shadow- the awesome thing about this company is you can purchase a "sample" of an eye shadow for only $1.50!! Great way to try out a's hard to find the right color, but I chose Captialist 911 Matte Taupe. I will say this is a really great deal and you get a lot for only $1.50. You can try the foundation in samples as well to get that right color, but I needed the brush as well, so I opted just to go for it and get the lightest one they offer in the kit. 

I ordered on Dec. 19th, and it was in my mailbox on Dec 24th. They have free shipping until Dec 31st, so it would be a great time to order some! I also used Retail Me Not and used the 15% off coupon they had going on here. So I saved an additional $11.70 with free shipping and the kit was also less expensive than purchasing separate. I feel like I got a great deal! **15% off is only good through 01/01/15***

Now, When I got the package, it was all in a cute little zip up bag just like this:

 So cute!!!

The size of the foundation and bronzer was a little concerning....seem quite small, but once I used it, I realized it's a lot like Young Living Essential Oils...a little goes a long way, so I'm pretty sure it will last a lot longer than I had anticipated. 
.21 oz
(Note to self: don't wear a black tshirt the first time you use it- just sayin...)

I liked the coverage it gave me. It wasn't too much. I'm learning with the bronzer...(that really will last a long time) I liked the mascara. It did as well as any I've ever used. So far, it's not bothering my sensitive contact wearing eyes, so that's a plus. Also- the shadow is nice. Again...a little goes a long way. My husband said he liked the make up that it really looked more natural than normal. The test will be how long will it "stay on". I'll edit this post once I've used it for a few days and can tell. I will say that I used what was in my blush brush- nothing extra- (since I didn't order any blush...should've ordered a sample ugh) But I didn't need any extra. This is a picture that I took to give you an idea. I have no lip stick/gloss or anything. I'm just trying to give you an idea of the coverage. 

I hate taking selfies. That is all.

Overall on day one of wearing it...I feel like I have absolutely nothing on my face, it is not heavy. It feels quite nice, and I think worth the investment to get something more natural into my routine. My next purchase will be the ART skin care. Interested in that as well? Feel free to go to my website here and you can either purchase it retail OR you are able to sign up to get your own wholesale account and get it for 24% off!!! Can't beat that!  You can email me at my website if you have questions or would like more information about Young Living products! 

Enjoy the Journey!


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