Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Where Have I Been?

So it's been since February that I have ventured on my blog. I was informed by a friend that I was "a bit behind". Good thing I'm not making any money off of this thing. I surely would've been broke! :) 

A lot has happened since February, and my last post. Which by the way is maybe slightly funny now, but not entirely. haha. All that has happened in life is too much to talk in detail about, but in short form, March held our church Women's Conference...softball skills clinic for Abby...Winterfest for SPRING BREAK. Now THAT was fun. (insert some sarcasm) We went camping for a few nights- that turned into only one...since it was 31 degrees the first night, and was going to come a torrential rain the next. Thank goodness for Mama Gail's house just a few minutes down the road. 

April started off with a HUGE bang with softball practice for the three younger girls, on three different teams...CRAZY! The best part was my mom, and two sisters got to go on the trip of a lifetime to New York City for four days. It was a wonderful trip that I wouldn't trade for anything. I still haven't uploaded all the pictures off my phone, but if you are a FB friend, hopefully those will be up soon. I'm only like what...2 months+ late. 
What-evs. We did so many great things, and got to see some great sights. Loved it! April is also my birthday month, so that was great...nothing like being one year older. lol! The most amazing thing though, I took a step in changing my family's life and how we treat ourselves. (this is an entirely different post that I will do in detail) Just to let you know...It's Young Living Essential Oils...they are AMAZING!!!

May began the actual softball games and all that those entail. From running from one field to the next trying to watch each of my babies's a wonder I didn't lose some weight. (maybe it was the cheese fries) :) I had the great honor of having 4 speaking engagements at various places. One of which was my own home church. My wonderful husband allowed me to take his pulpit and speak on Mother's Day. It was an absolute honor, and one I don't take lightly. I also got to travel to Andalusia, as well as Decatur to speak and got to spend time with wonderful friends. Busy month finishing up school with awards days and all that jazz. Busy with work getting in those last wellness checks before school lets out. I also made a huge decision in my Pampered Chef business. I let it go. (no Frozen song pun intended...but it works- so sing it in your head. You know you just did) ha! It's strange, but one that I'm glad to say I did (for 8 years) and it blessed me with such wonderful friends. I'm ready now to share the oily-ness with my friends and family. I hope you'll come along for the ride as well.

That's the last few months of mine in a nutshell. Pray all is well with you and yours...until we meet again.

Enjoy the Journey!


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